Emerging Writers' Festival 2016

Please see individual events for disability access venue information. Additional Auslan interpreters can be provided upon request. Visit our access page for more information.

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Golden Ticket 2016

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Opening Night Storytelling Slam

Tuesday 14 June, 7:00pm

Festival Long Events: The Reading Room

Festival Long. The Reading Room will be open from 12pm - 3pm each day (excluding the 18th & 19th June).

Festival Long Events: The Lifted Brow Art Exhibition

Festival Long. The exhibition will be open from 11am to 4pm each day.

Festival Long Events: The Gazette

Festival long. Pick up in venues all around town.

Footscray Tales Trail: In Our Backyard

Wednesday 15 June, 6:00pm

Industry Insiders: Pitch Perfect

Wednesday 15 June, 6:00pm

Small & Loud

Wednesday 15 June, 6:30pm

Writers’ Night School: Poetry of the Eye

Wednesday 15 June, 6:30pm

Footscray Tales Trail: Off the Map, Into the Stars

Wednesday 15 June, 7:15pm

Footscray Tales Trail: Lived Narratives

Wednesday 15 June, 8:30pm

Late Night Lit: Cult Friction

Wednesday 15 June, 9:00pm

Masterclass: Freelancing for Life

Thursday 16 June, 10:30am

Lunchtime Lit: Characters Behaving Badly

Thursday 16 June, 12:30pm

Unlocking Creativity: Teaching Students How to Write Stories

Thursday 16 June, 3:00pm

Swinburne Presents: Spirit of Punk

Thursday 16 June, 5:30pm

Writers’ Night School: Hot Takes

Thursday 16 June, 6:30pm

Fear View Mirror (RMIT Horizons)

Thursday 16 June, 7:30pm

Masterclass: A Room of One’s Own

Friday 17 June, 10:00am

National Writers’ Conference

Saturday, 18 June

5 x 5 Rules of Writing

Saturday 18 June, 10:00am

The Tales of Many Cities: Emerging Writers’ Intensive

Saturday 18 June, 11:00am

The Tales of Many Cities: Comic Books and Graphic Novels Workshop

Saturday 18 June, 12:00pm

The Tales of Many Cities: Podcasting Workshop

Saturday 18 June, 3:00pm

The Tales of Many Cities: Off the Map and Into the Stars

Saturday 18 June, 6:30pm

You Might as Well Live

Saturday 18 June, 7:00pm

National Writers’ Conference

Sunday, 19 June

The Long and the Short of It

Sunday 19 June, 2:00pm

Masterclass: Emerging Programmers

Monday 20 June, 10:00am

The Lifted Brow Art Exhibition Launch

Monday 20 June, 5:30pm

2016 Scribe Nonfiction Prize

Monday 20 June, 6:00pm

The Next Big Thing

Monday 20 June, 6:15pm

Writers’ Night School: Food Writing

Monday 20 June, 6:30pm

Amazing Babes 2016

Monday 20 June, 7:00pm

Late Night Lit: Poetry Slam

Monday 20 June, 9:00pm

The Early Words: Self Care for Writers

Tuesday 21 June, 8:30am

Masterclass: Criticism

Tuesday 21 June, 10:30am

Bloc Club

Tuesday 21 June, 12:30pm

Industry Insiders: Grant Writing

Tuesday 21 June, 6:00pm

Writers’ Night School: Painting a Portrait

Tuesday 21 June, 6:30pm

Let’s Talk About Literary Awards

Tuesday 21 June, 6:30pm

Sticks and Stones

Tuesday 21 June, 7:30pm

Late Night Lit: Fandom

Tuesday 21 June, 9:00pm

The Early Words: Who Tells Our Stories?

Wednesday 22 June, 8:30am

Industry Insiders: Emerging Editors

Wednesday 22 June, 6:00pm

Writers’ Night School: Creative Nonfiction

Wednesday 22 June, 6:30pm

Real Fake White Dirt

Wednesday 22 June, 7:00pm

Songs and Stories of Home 2016

Wednesday 22 June, 7:00pm

Late Night Lit: Midwinter Nocturne

Wednesday 22 June, 9:00pm

The Early Words: Public Writers, Private Lives

Thursday 23 June, 8:30am

Masterclass: Podcasting

Thursday 23 June, 10:00am

Lunchtime Lit: What Right Do I Have

Thursday 23 June, 12:30pm

Industry Insiders: Money, Money, Money

Thursday 23 June, 6:00pm

Graphic Translation
Writing Your Second Novel

Thursday 23 June, 6:30pm

YouTube Party 2016

Thursday 23 June, 8:00pm

Late Night Lit: I Want to Know What Love Is

Thursday 23 June, 9:00pm

Lunchtime Lit: Ingredipedia

Friday 24 June, 12:30pm

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Friday 24 June, 7:00pm

Closing Night Party hosted by Plaything Magazine

Friday 24 June, 8:30pm

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