Masterclass: Emerging Programmers

Independent literary events around the country have launched the careers of not only the showcased artists, but the brains behind the curtains. The organisers of Australia’s most successful events offer industry insight into everything from finding talent, curating original programs, dealing with bookers and agents, negotiating venue deals, hiring sound technicians, photographers and publicists, through to the finer points of curating and staging wildly successful events.

10:00am  –  A Crowded Landscape

Do we even need another festival? Is there a finite audience for literary events, or does each new storytelling event create an ever-increasing appetite for meaningful discussion about books and writing? In a crowded landscape, how can literary programmers deliver innovative, game-changing events?

With: Hiroki Kobayashi, Emily Sexton, Alia Gabres and David Ryding

11:00am  –  Dream Big

You’ve come up with a creative, new idea – how do you make it happen?

These programmers have developed innovative and successful events. Hear them discuss how they’ve used creative platforms like apps or online spaces, come up with solutions for physical spaces, pulled different art forms and communities together, the importance of social media and grassroots marketing, and generally what it takes to dream big and go for it.

With: Matt Walters and Hayden Green, in conversation with Else Fitzgerald

12:00pm  –  Complementary Careers

How do writers and artists make the leap from being in the audience or on the stage, to sitting in the Directors’ chair? What are the existing pathways that aspiring arts producers can follow, and how can you create your own? Is it possible to make time for your own creative practice, while you’re busy creating opportunities for other artists? Four arts and culture workers step us through their careers and share advice from the frontlines of arts and festival management.

With: Shu-Ling Chua, Michaela McGuire, Lex Hirst and A.H. Cayley.

1:00pm  –  Lunch

2:00pm  –  4:00pm  Workshop: Literary Programming and Production

Go behind the scenes, with practical insight from leading NZ producers Claire Mabey and Andrew Laking. In this workshop you’ll create the plan for an entire event from start to finish, covering just about everything from initial concepts, financing, programming, branding, marketing, networking, to running the beast itself.

With: Claire Mabey, Andrew Laking

Monday 20 June, 10:00am

$90 full / $75 concession

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The Wheeler Centre (Performance Space)
176 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000