Masterclass: Podcasting

There’s a lot of mystery around the nuts and bolts of making a podcast – but it’s actually pretty easy. This masterclass will cover the fundamental aspects of producing a podcast, from story elements, production values and marketing, through to getting the thing onto iTunes so people can actually listen to it.


10.30am  –  Listening Party

With the technology becoming ever more accessible, podcasting is no longer strictly for the tech savvy, both as creator and consumer. It’s easier for people to listen to and create podcasts, and the number of podcasts available is booming. Have a listen as 4 artists do a mini showcase of their favourite Australian podcasts and get an insight into what’s out there, what people in the industry are listening to and why.

With: Emily Naismith, Lorelai Vashti, Jon Tjhia and Bec Fary

11.30am  –  So you want to start a podcast?

You’ve come up with a great idea, so how do you market it successfully? These 5 audio storytellers will give you insight into the world of podcasting, including practical information about how to come up with a great idea and tell an engaging audio story, seek out opportunities, what you should expect from working in the industry, and how to get your creativity and ideas into the ears of listeners.

With: Izzy Roberts-Orr, Emily Naismith, Lorelei Vashti, Jon Thija and Bec Fary


1.30pm  –  3.30pm Practical nuts & bolts workshop

You’ll spend two hands-on hours up at the Kathleen Syme Library in the recording studio going over the ins and outs of making a podcast. Get familiar with editing software, mics & recording set up and spend some time looking at scripting, interview skills, publishing platforms, and storytelling techniques.

With: Beth Atkinson-Quinton and Bec Fary

Thursday 23 June, 10:00am

$90 full / $75 concession.

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Tickets are also available for the Morning Session only: $35 full / $30 concession. Ticketing options via Book Tickets button.

The Wheeler Centre (Performance Space)
176 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000