Tipping Points

24 hours. Five writers. Four actors. One director.

Their brief: envision a future earth where imminent and inevitable ecological collapse is inseparable from our most intimate and mundane human encounters.

Witness the raw culmination of a rapid response performance process, where a show is written, rehearsed and performed all within a day. Stick around post-show for a Q&A with the creative team.

Produced by Christian Taylor. Directed by Olivia Satchell. Written by Angus Cameron, Kim Ho, Tariro Mavondo, Jean Tong. Performed by John Desengano, Anna Kennedy, Ian Michael, Yvette Turner.

Presented in partnership with Melbourne Fringe.

Thursday 22 June, 2017, 7pm

$19 full/$17 concession

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361 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000