Double Exposure (RMIT Horizons)

An obsessive clings to a lost love but she slips his fingers. The world knows one thing about a beloved friend, but his people know him as someone else. A backpacker rolls a joint with a sheet of poetry. Oceans, hours, and bodies apart, two people see the whole world differently. A narcissist gets plastic surgery – but he can’t change what’s under the skin. Join fourteen writers as they expose dark confessions, grey areas, and white lies – through fiction, movement, visuals, poetry, monologues, field recordings, film and more.

With: Kelcey Brian, Adam Camobreco, Rachel Short, Jesse Berry-Porter, Georgia-Rose Robinson, Zara Marimuthu, Natasha McGirr, Ben Knight, J’aime Cardillo, Raphael Hall, Ethan Perkins, Sarah Dunwoodie, Sarah Muldoon, Michael Crane

Presented in partnership with RMIT University.