Sasha Sarago

Sasha Sarago is a proud Aboriginal woman of the Wadjanbarra Yidinji and Jirrbal clans ‘Rainforest People’ of Cairns, Far North Queensland. Sasha is also of African-American, Malay, Mauritian and Spanish descent. A former model, Sasha grew frustrated by the invisibility of women of colour in fashion and media. Tired of importing overseas publications to see reflections of herself Sasha had an epiphany. In 2011, Sasha founded Ascension Australia’s first Indigenous and ethnic women’s lifestyle magazine. Ascension is a new dialogue of cultural identity and self-representation – a haven for women of colour to see, hear and know thyself.

Saturday 17 June, 2017, 10am

Free (bookings essential)

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Flinders Walk, Northbank, Melbourne VIC 3000