Masterclass: Freelancing for Life

Can you do what you love, and still pay the bills? We’ve brought together professional writers and industry insiders for a whole day of advice on establishing yourself as a business, diversifying your career, how to invoice correctly and how to balance creative and corporate work. Packed with useful information to establish yourself as a freelance writer and stick it out through boom or bust.

10.00am: Freelance Living

To the outside world, freelancing sounds like a life of endless freedoms – no alarms, mid-morning coffee dates, six-week holidays  – but in reality, it can be a hard slog. This panel hones in on the ups and downs of working for yourself. Can you make a reasonable wage from writing full time? How do you motivate yourself? Three freelancers tell us how they do it.

With: Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen, Catherine Bouris, Bri Lee

11.00am: The Business

It’s happening! You’re getting paid for your work! Yes!! Now how do you send out invoices? And do you really need an arts accountant? Sam Ryan gives you the lowdown on the how to keep track of invoices, chase payments, the basics of bookkeeping – everything you need to know about the business of freelancing.

With: Sam Ryan

11.45am -12pm: Coffee Break

12.00pm: Content and Copywriting in Corporate Markets

It’s hard out there for a freelancer. Between one-off pitches, short contracts and rapidly decreasing rates, it can be nearly impossible to make freelance writing your full-time job. Locking in steady, corporate contracts can change this, and provide the essential foundation for your career. But how do you approach businesses about writing for them? And how do you navigate the world of technical writing, corporate copy, and branded journalism? This panel will provide a glimpse into the corporate writing ecosystem and equip you with the tools to master it.

With: Penny Modra, Robbie Arnott, Emily Laidlaw

1.00pm: Lunch

2.00pm: Pitch It

How can you write an insightful, original and engaged take on current affairs or culture? How do you create catchy content that isn’t clickbait? And how do you pitch your ideas to publications? This writer and editor in-conversation will take you through what’s involved in structuring a pitch and how to follow up on pitches respectfully.

With: Wendy Syfret, Michelle See-Tho

3.00pm: Hunger Games

Freelancing is hard work and building a sustainable career as a freelancer is even harder. Three accomplished freelancers talk about how they’ve stuck it out in the arena and pass on their tips and tricks for surviving in the freelancing game.  Join us for a conversation about common struggles, bouncing back and building resilience.

With: Amy Gray, Mel Campbell, Claire Rosslyn Wilson

Friday June 16, 2017, 10am

$90 full/$75 concession

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The Wheeler Centre (Performance Space)
176 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000